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The Clerk of the District Court is responsible for the records generated and filed with the District and Magistrate Courts of Lemhi County.

Within this department are the offices of Bonds, Fines, and Court Records. These offices are responsible for the collection of fines, fees, and penalties assessed in the District Court and Magistrate Court, and the efficient keeping of all files concerning cases within these courts.

The offices are staffed with Deputies of the Clerk of the Court, and are under the combined supervision of the Clerk of the Court of Lemhi County and the Trial Court Administrator for the Seventh Judicial District Court.

The Magistrate Court of the 7 th District in Lemhi County can receive payment by check, money order, cash, and credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

Credit Card Payment Instructions: (USAudiotex)  

  • Call 1-800-272-9336. You will be prompted to enter the following information on your touch tone phone keypad.
  • Enter your citation number.
  • Enter your telephone number.
  • Enter citation amount.
  • Enter Credit Card number and expiration date.

The system will give you a verbal receipt number. There is a nominal fee for using this service.

Resource Links:

Supreme Court Assistance …. www2.state.id.us/cao

County General Assistance

The County Welfare/Indigent Office’s deputy clerk is to act as the case manager for Lemhi County. Lemhi County General Assistance provides services to county residents as may be necessary. As each person is an individual each of their needs are different; it is our intent to provide service relevant to their needs.

Indigent Service

This service is to provide necessary medical and non-medical payment assistance for indigent county residents who are unable to provide for their own needs as mandated and set forth in Idaho Code § 31-3401 and 31-3501.

To qualify for help, you must have been a resident of the County in which you live for at least six (6) months. County assistance is temporary assistance to indigent residents when no other alternative exists. County assistance does not supplement any other type of assistance; such as Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, private insurance, workman’s compensation, veteran benefits, etc.

Funding for these services is provided from county tax funds. The budget is administered by the General Assistance Department with spending approved by the board of County Commissioners.

How to Apply for Assistance

At the Lemhi County Courthouse, in the County Assistance Office, you will need to schedule an appointment for an interview with the deputy clerk. Before you go to your interview, you will need to gather the important papers asked for on the application. Have as much information as possible for your interview. Missing information will hold up your application and may delay getting the assistance needed.

After the County has reviewed the application, interviewed, and investigated the application, a decision will be made by the Board of Commissioners to determine whether or not you are eligible for County Assistance. You will receive notification of this decision in writing by mail. If denied, the written notice will state the reasons why you were denied. Within twenty-eight (28) days after the date of the Commissioners determination, you may ask for a reconsideration of the decision.

Medical Emergency, Medications, Pre-approved Non-Emergency, Protective Custody Mental Holds

Necessary medical services to an indigent county resident are paid up to $11,000 per case from county funds. The adjusted balance is paid by the State Catastrophic Fund.

Each application must be provided on an approved form and filed within timelines as established by Idaho Code. An interview with each applicant must be held with documentation being provided by the applicant. Each application requires an investigation, which is performed by the General Assistance Office. Individuals as necessary may be subpoenaed by the Clerk to give testimony or provide information and documentation. A determination as to approval and denial is then made based on eligibility as set forth in the Idaho Code. Application covers only condition/service applied for and any other assistance requires an updated or new application. An automatic lien on real and/or personal property, which may be perfected within 30 days, goes into effect upon filing of application.

When an applicant may be eligible for other funding to pay for charges he must apply to all other sources and be denied by them before he can be eligible to receive county funds. Assistance is given in applying for other programs and services.

Each approved claim is reduced to Medicaid rates and presented to the Auditor for payment. Cases involving the Catastrophic Fund are prepared and mailed.

For all assistance granted to an applicant a reimbursement is required. The General Assistance Office works with applicant to determine monthly payment, after approval from Commissioners, and collects these payments to be credited to the County Indigent Fund

Non-Medical Services

Non-medical emergency services may be granted to a county indigent resident when there are no other resources available and they meet criteria established by Idaho Code.

Non-medical services include rent, utilities, burial and other necessary services as may be deemed appropriate. Non-medical services works in conjunction with other agencies to have available, services in our community to meet the needs of county residents. Reimbursement is expected.

Provide information and referral service to other agencies as may be of assistance to individuals.


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