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Lemhi County COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

The World Health Organization has classified the COVID-19 as a pandemic.
We are now taking precautions for the public's safety and ours to social distance ourselves.
We are minimizing contact with visitors in our County Offices.
Visitors must be symptom free for appointments.
Please contact us by phone or email so we may further assist you.
Thank you for your cooperation during this trying time.

For more information click on the resource links below
or call Idaho COVID-19 Hotline: 1-888-330-3010

UPDATE! Idaho Opening Up Guidelines

Idaho Rebounds: Our Path to Prosperity

Stage 4: Stay Healthy Order

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

American Red Cross

Homeland Security’s Website

Coronavirus (COVID-19)Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Idaho Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)https://coronavirus.idaho.gov/

East Idaho Coronavirus (COVID-19)www.EIPH.Idaho.gov

Lemhi Volunteer Network (COVID-19)www.lemhivolunteernetwork.com

Center for Disease Control & Prevention https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html

Center for Disease Control & Prevention http://www.cdc.gov/

Center for Disease Control & Prevention (Includes List of Cleaning Products)
Spring Cleaning for COVID-19

Center for Disease Control & Prevention http://www.cdc.gov/

Idaho Department of Enviromental Quality DEQ Air-Nonessential Burning

Outreach Coronavirus Steele Memorial Medical Center

7th District Health Department

Eligible and healthy donors are strongly urged to make an appointment to provide lifesaving blood products to patients. Please give now. Blood Donation

2020 Voter Information

Voters with Disabilities Accommodation and assistance are available for voting. Please contact the Clerk's office for more information at (208) 742-1667, or
email clerk@lemhicountyidaho.org. If you would like more information about Idaho's commitment to make voting accessible to everyone, please visit the Idaho Secretary of State's website.

Need someone to talk to?
Please call one of the services below.
Stay Safe

Lemhi Valley Social Services- Call: 208-940-1351

Suicide Prevent Hotline- Call: 800-564-2120

Idaho Talk Line- Call: 800-273-8255

Regional Mental Health Services- Call: 800-708-3474

Help Line-Behavior Health Center- Call: 800-209-8405

Idaho Care Line- Call: 211 or 800-926-2588

Lemhi County Commissioners
Meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.

Commissioner District #1 Commissioner District #2 Commissioner District #3
Ken Miner
Richard Snyder
Brett Barsalou

Lemhi County Departments' Daily Operation Announcements

Agricultural Agent

Assessor/Motor Vehicles

Building Inspector
Shannon Williams
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-756-2815 ext. 1696
Jenny Rosin
Call: 208-742-1724
or 208-742-1729
Teresa Morton
By Appointments Only
No one on site during inspections.

Call: 208-756-2815 ext. 1705

Clerk/Auditor/Recorder Emergency Services Lemhi County Coroner
Brenda Armstrong
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-756-2815 ext. 1667
Janet Nelson
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-742-1715
Mike Ernest
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-940-0760

County Prosecutor Driver's License 7th Judicial Dist. Court
Magistrate Court
Paul Withers
By Appointments Only
Prosecutor Notice
Call: 208-756-2009
Eyrica Cardin
By Appointments Only
Sheriff's Press Release

Call: 208-756-2815 ext. 1680
Jana Eagle, Clerk
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-756-2815 ext. 1673

Road & Bridge

Probation Office

Sheriff's Office
Curt Rosin
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-756-2861
Tom Fitte
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-756-2815 ext. 1720
Steve Penner
Sheriff's Press Release COVID19
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-756-8980

Social Services
Veterans Officer

Solid Waste Management

Treasurer Office
Clint Morse
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-756-2815 ext.1670
Scott Duncan
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-756-6441
Kammy Maughan
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-742-1694

Wildland Urban Interface

Weeds Management
Karin Drnjevic
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-756-2815 ext.1663
Sharayh Krantz
By Appointments Only
Call: 208-756-2815 ext. 1660

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