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University of Idaho Extension Office

County Agent: Shannon Williams
Mail To:
Lemhi County Extension
200 Fulton Street
Ste. 202
Salmon, ID 83467

Phone: 208-756-2815 ext. 1696
Fax: 208-756-2349
Office Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon-Fri
Description of Office

This office deals with everything agriculture, from canning to cows. Shannon Williams is our County Agent and is head of many of the agricultural activities throughout the county. She is a University of Idaho employee and is very active in the outreach programs run by the University. She plays an active role in the Lemhi County Agriculture.

Holding it all together is Susie Martinez, the office manager.

The Lemhi County 4-H program is run out of this office by Taylor Smith. Our 4-H program includes livestock projects as well as many other non-agricultural projects.

This office also works with Sharayh Krantz, Lemhi County Weed Superintendent in the Lemhi County Cooperative Weed Management Department. Contact Sharayh at 200 Fulton Street, Ste. 104, Salmon, ID 83467 or phone (208) 756-2815 ext. 1662. This office is very active in weed eradication and study throughout the county.

Rick Sager the water master for water district 74 also resides in the extension office. He handles all water issues in this district.

Together we tackle the day to day running of agriculture in Lemhi County. For more information on any of these subjects please contact us.

Shannon Williams, County Agent Sharayh Krantz, Weed Superintendent
Susie Martinez, Office Manager Rick Sager, Water Master
Taylor Smith, 4-H Program Assistant Becky Coffey, FCS Assistant
Katie Hoffman, Family and Consumer Sciences
Agriculture in Lemhi County

Started by Mormon missionaries at Fort Lemhi, agriculture in this area has grown to be the drive and brawn of our community and economy in Lemhi County. Lemhi County is known mainly for its beef cattle operations and hay production but sheep, goat, dairy, barley, oat, honey and even lobster production are viable industries in the county.

Ranching is the leading source of income for most people, however, with almost sixty-two percent of the county in a rural setting. Agriculture in Lemhi County isn’t just a way to make a living it’s a way of life and the cities of Salmon, Leadore, Carmen, Tendoy and Baker reflect the county’s country charm.

Whether you are a rancher or not it is hard to miss the tranquility of green hay fields or a frolicking calf against the majestic beauty of the mountains. Agriculture is part of the beauty of this county as well as the brawn.

Resources:  http://www.uidaho.edu/extension/county/lemhi
Agricultural Projects Northern Rockies Program: Sonoran Institute:
Goal: To Conserve ranch land along the Salmon and Lemhi Rivers and increase understanding of the county’s changing economy to foster sustainable economic development.

Accomplishments: Formed Salmon River Mountains Working Group, trained community leaders in growth management, initiated a critical lands mapping program to identify lands with high ecological and agricultural value.

Nancy M. Cummings Research, Extension and Education Center:
University of Idaho

  To Provide a place for the University of Idaho to offer classes, field days and workshops, perform research important to cattle producers, and host 4-H and FFA groups.

Accomplishments: Host of many field days and workshops and site of numerous University of Idaho studies.

University of Idaho Lemhi County Extension Office
To help the community and the county in any agricultural endeavors that they may participate in by providing, information, guidance and support.

Accomplishments: Operating an active 4-H organization, participating in University of Idaho studies and an active part of weed control in Lemhi County.

Lemhi Cooperative Weed Management Area: BLM, Forest Service, City of Salmon, City of Leadore, Lemhi County, Lemhi County Weed Crew, Lemhi Extension Office, and private citizens.

Goal:   To stop the invasion of noxious weeds on private and public land in Lemhi county by working together.

Accomplishments: Starting spray days, educating citizens on weed problems and eradication, slowing the invasion of noxious weeds, introducing biological controls and bettering the ecological health of Lemhi County.


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